The Illuminations are stories about the power of healing through the creative process, expressed by children who joyfully paint each other, as well as elements of nature, in color and light. The figures (representing a range of ages, gender, ethnic backgrounds, and relationships) embody a sense of positive and uplifting energy. They float within the glass sculptures in a circular motion, reinforcing their wholeness and well-being. Engaged in the creative process, they paint swirls of color and light which flow from child to child, then to the elements of nature: the clear blue water, green plants and foliage, red, pink, and orange tulips, a violet and indigo butterfly, and the “healing tree”, which emerges from the entire spectrum of light. The overall palette in both Illuminations use bright colors and dichroic circular prism-like discs which represent the seven colors of light: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Each color emanates a unique property of vibration, wavelength and frequency, which all bring balance and harmony to the mind and body.


The glass in both of the Illuminations is laminated safety Starfire glass that has been waterjet-cut, carved, etched, painted and airbrushed. The artwork and their stories were created by Lisa M. Syverson for Children’s Hospital, which was fabricated in glass by Bob Guenter of GlassArt Design, Inc. This project was developed and managed by Andy Zaid of Creative Collaborativ, Inc., for Aesthetics, Inc.

Illuminations I: Rays of Hope

Children's Hospitals

and Clinics of




• • •

The young boy and girl (being both the giver and receiver of healing) move harmoniously around the prismatic circle, with the seven colors of light radiating from its center. They float independently on opposite sides of the spectrum, yet represent the importance of balance and the interconnection of relationships through caring, love and support during

the healing process. The color and light continues to flow outward, embracing the figures and nourishing the healing

force of nature.

Iluminations II: Wholeness, Harmony & Healing

• • •


Illuminations I: Rays of Hope &

Iluminations II: Wholeness, Harmony & Healing

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Industry:   Healthcare

Client:       Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota • Minneaplois Campus, and Aesthetics, Inc.

Project :    Children’s Hospital Minneapolis • Two, painted and etched 58” circular glass sculptures.

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